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Molières - Maison du Bailly



Having fallen in love with the village of Molières in the Dordogne many years ago, we want to put it in the spotlight so that as many people as possible can get to know it well.

We will tell you about our heritage, the history of the village and some ways to discover it. And of course we will also invite you to take a short trip in the Périgord, our beautiful region, which is well worth discovering.

Whether you are a Moliérois by birth, by heart or by adoption, whether you live here all year round or only from time to time, we invite you to take a little trip to discover Molières!

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Want to discover our heritage? Follow us, and we’ll take you on a little walk in Molières!

Bastide de Molières

What is a Bastide?

Some people mistakenly think that a "Bastide" is a castle.

Molières - Maison du Bayle

The bayle's house

On the market square in Molières, one building catches the eye...

Eglise de Molières - façade Ouest

Our Lady's Church

Despite all her scars, she remains beautiful and unique.

Château de Molières

The castle ruins

The ruins of the castle are just a stone's throw from the village square.

Fontaine du Moulin d'Aillac

The small heritage

Fountains, washing places, stone cabins, dovecotes and more...

Follow our village through the centuries, from the foundation of the Bastide until today.

Bourg de Molières - entrée nord

Foundation of the Bastide

For a long time this was thought to be in 1284, but nothing is certain anymore!

Molières - rue Notre Dame 1912

The Early Modern Period

Looking for traces of the evolution of the village from the 16th to the 19th century.

Molières - épicerie - station-service

The village in the 20th century.

Our recent history as it lives in the memory of the elders.

Vue à partis de la place de Molières

Molières today

Today, Molières is a pleasant and peaceful place to live.

For those who like to be active (and for those with children or teenagers…), we have put together a selection of physical activities that will allow you to discover our village and its surroundings!

Randonnée en famille

Come for a walk !

Explore our region on foot.

Rando en vélo ou VTT

Get pedalling

Get on your bicycle or mountain bike.


Saddle up!

Horse and pony riding.

Canoë - kayak

Water fun

Swimming or canoeing.


Go higher!

Tree climbing course.

Do you want to see more than just our village? Here are some ideas for visits around our beautiful Périgord.

On your own, with family or friends, come and discover the castles of the Périgord.

Come and stroll through the streets of the many picturesque villages of the Dordogne.

Experience prehistory in the Périgord, the cradle of mankind.

We take you to some charming and unusual places.


We would like to thank all the people who helped us in the realisation of this website.

  • First of all Mrs Claire VEAUX-PARVIEUX who not only authorised us to reproduce some of her texts, but who also gave us advise when writing some of our pages, in particular those concerning the history and heritage of Molières.
  • The “elders” of Molières, who took the time to tell us about their village. Their “living memory”, their stories and these little conversations “on the street corner” are treasures that we cherish!
  • The inhabitants of Molières who have agreed to the use of certain images, particularly on the pages devoted to Molières in the 20th century.
  • And all the other people: family, friends, acquaintances, who have graciously made available photos from their archives of holidays spent in Molières. Not forgetting a dear friend, thanks to whom we have a beautiful collection of old postcards of the village.