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Our historical heritage

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The little country village of Molières in the Périgord Pourpre has a lot of charm. Visitors to Molières often exclaim: “How pretty your village is!

Molières belongs to the large family of “Bastides”, towns or villages with very specific characteristics. We will explore them together. Then we will come with you to discover our heritage: the Bayle house, the church, the ruins of the castle and the smaller historical details.

As you drive along the roads of the Périgord, you will frequently see signs indicating “Bastide”. But what is a Bastide?

On the square of Molières, there is a building which attracts everyone’s attention: the “Maison du Bayle”, commonly called the “Porche”.

The church of Molières is dedicated to Our Lady of the Nativity. It bears the scars of the passage of time.

The ruins of the castle are just a stone’s throw from the village square, at the north-east exit of the village.

Fountains, washing places, mills, dovecots, stone cabins, … so many little wonders that were part of life in the past!

Come on, let’s go and discover our heritage!