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Molières in the 20th century

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The 20th century still seems so close, and yet our collective memory is rapidly being lost. In the village, some of the elders remember the significant events of the last century.

We are not going to give you a historical study of everything that has happened over the last 120 years, we are just offering you a small compilation, drawn from some of the writings and living memories of the elderly.

The monograph of Molières, written in 1912 by the village teacher, tells us a lot about life at the time.

The first years of the war seem to have left little mark on people’s minds, but one date remains engraved in their memories.

In the memory of the elderly, life in the post-war period is characterised by a great “joie de vivre”.

Moliérois had to wait until the beginning of the 1960’s to benefit from the supply of drinking water for all.

To finish our presentation of Molières in the 20th century, we suggest you look at the portrait of the village, drawn up by Claire Veaux at the very beginning of the 21st century.

And now, let’s move on to the future!

History of Molières

Entrée du château de Molières

Introduction to our history

Let's discover together the history of Molières.

Bourg de Molières - entrée nord

Foundation of the Bastide

For a long time this was thought to be in 1284, but nothing is certain anymore!

Molières - rue Notre Dame 1912

The Early Modern Period

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Vue à partis de la place de Molières

What about Molières today?

Today, Molières is a pleasant and peaceful place to live.